A Pocatello area resident recently contacted the National UFO Reporting Center after witnessing an unexplained object interacting with some helicopters last week. The witness claims to have watched the ordeal take place for close to 30-minutes.

The state of Idaho for the month of September has logged one incident of an unexplained aerial phenomenon with the National UFO Reporting Center to date. The center has been tracking these types of incidents in the United States for decades, and publishes its reports for public viewing. The NUFORC investigates all reports prior to publishing details on its website.

An incident shared by the NUFORC last Thursday details a sighting that reportedly took place in Pocatello, Idaho, during the week of September 13, 2021. The individual claims to have seen a "glowing light" land on an area mountain, and then get chased off shortly after by six helicopters with green lights. The information was published on the center's website on September 16.

The sighting allegedly continued for approximately 25-minutes, according to the report. The southeastern portion of Idaho has had many reports of unexplained aerial phenomenon in recent years, including two incidents that were recorded by witnesses.

Back in February, a large glowing object was recorded by a witness in Bonneville County. A man recorded what appeared to be a massive object hovering above city lights for close to a minute.

Another incident near Pocatello was reported in June of 2020. Several unexplained lights were seen in the sky moving erratically. The Boise area also gets of good deal of reports to the NUFORC annually.

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