This year, I've looked at a lot of random real estate options in Twin Falls. I've looked at houses to get ideas on how I can change my house and I've looked at real estate listings just to see what crazy houses are out there. From the smallest and least expensive houses for sale to the largest and most expensive houses, I've looked at them. I even wrote about houses with features that I'd like in my house: swimming pools and hot tubs, nice fireplaces, and other amenities that you wish you had during this pandemic. But it wasn't until today that I accidentally found a special house listed on a real estate site. I found Santa's house!

Check Out Pictures Of Santa's House

On Zillow they have a listing for Santa's House at the North Pole, obviously it isn't on the market right now since Santa isn't looking to move. I am a little bummed there aren't pictures of the workshop or reindeer stables. The house is listed as a 2,500 square foot house with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and 'multiple tiny homes.' That's cute that they included the elves houses. Santa's house is worth $764,000 which seems pretty high for the location. In Twin Falls you could buy a much different house with that money. In fact, I looked at a few options around Twin Falls that were comparable to the big man's house up north. There isn't anything that falls into the same price and size stipulations, but you can get pretty close.

At I looked up houses with the footage and same number of rooms as the North Pole house and the most expensive house at that size is $490,000 just south of Twin Falls off Eastland. That would give you more than a quarter million dollars to modify the property to your liking. It comes with the big property so you can build those many tiny houses and already has a large shed for your workshop. There's another 3 bedroom and 2 bath house in Twin Falls, but the footage is double that of Santa's house, that gets you closer to the price of Santa's house. At $700,000 the nice farmhouse, again just south of Twin Falls, is a little closer to the value of SC's place. But if you are looking for real value and the same house as Santa, it shouldn't run you more than $500,000 around Twin Falls.

That being said, you can also get a whole lot more house for that price if you really want to go big. I think I'll stay happy in Twin Falls with a bigger house and a smaller mortgage.

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