Summer Break has officially begun for the Twin Falls School District and so have the complaints of being bored from my kids. Seriously, they had a half day at school and came home bored. We let them have extra screen time today to celebrate the end of the school year, but they are in for a surprise when the summer break screen rules kick in. I have a feeling it will be tough on them and tough on us as parents too. Only one of my kids is old enough to have a job so for the rest they're going to need other ways to spend their free time. I'll be sending them to the Twin Falls Public Library for some of that time. All library events are free to the public.

What Does the Twin Falls Public Library Have Planned For Summer

The Twin Falls Public Library has always had cool events, activities, and take-home projects. Those things will continue. The library also has some fun new events coming up including: parking-lot cinema night, Dungeons and Dragons, take-home crafts, reading challenges, story time, and music.

Twin Falls Public Library Parking Lot Cinema!

May 21st, park you car in the library parking lot for a movie night. Parking opens at 8:45 and the movie begins at 9:15. The library doesn't say exactly what movie will be shown, but judging by their description of the classic movie I bet you can guess what it is:

This movie features a mean teacher, too much chocolate cake, and telekinetic powers.

Dungeons & Dragons at the Twin Falls Public Library

D&D at the library is open to youth and adults. Games are played using Zoom for social distancing conversations and Roll20 is where the games are played. D&D happens every Thursday with the Zoom chats starting at 4:30 PM and game sessions start at 5 PM.

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How Can I Stay Up-to-date on All the Library Events

The Twin Falls Public Library posts all of their event details on their website calendar. Bookmark it and check it often so you don't miss anything.

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