It’s common knowledge that Idaho weather can (and will) change on a dime. I’ve heard it stated many times that ‘if you don’t like the weather, wait 15 minutes’. I’ve also seen that statement come true more times than I can count.

Which Season Are We Actually Experiencing Right Now In Idaho?

Earlier this week it happened. We were experiencing a few days of beautiful sunshine and an odd lack of wind in Idaho, but we all knew it wasn’t going to last. Then I got an alert for a Winter Weather Advisory from the National Weather Service. It seemed unbelievable that we could go from amazing weather to a snowstorm as they were predicting. But it happens every year. We call it Fool’s Spring.

Credit N8 Bird
Credit N8 Bird

Idaho actually has 12 seasons, though only 4 of them are recognized by science. Winter doesn’t really start here until January and then toward the end of the month or early February, the weather turns nice for a few days and we get Fool’s Spring. Then Second Winter starts and you have to put away your flip-flops again.

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We’ll experience Second Winter through February and March and then Winsprummall, or the Spring of Deception, will happen. We’ll get a merry-go-round of seasonal weather for a few days or a week before the third, and final, winter arrives. So, while your nose may be stuffy from a cold, remember it’s going to be worse once the Pollenating (not to be confused with actual pollinating) season gets here.

The 12 Seasons Of Idaho Weather

Idaho actually has 12 seasons, though only 4 of them are recognized by science.

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