In Idaho, it isn't uncommon to experience a variety of seasons in one single day. We just experienced a beautiful, sunny, and warm Sunday in the early afternoon and then it became a cold, gray, and wet Sunday just a few hours later.

What Are The Seasons In Idaho

We all know about the main seasons in Idaho: Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. Those who live here also know that among those 4 seasons recognized by science that there are an additional 8 seasons.

credit N8 Canva
credit N8 Canva

We are currently in-between 'Third Winter' and 'The Pollinating' in Idaho. The trees are getting ready to dust the world in yellow powder and wreak havoc on our allergies. A few weeks ago we experienced the 'Spring of Deception aka Winsprummall' (where we experience all the seasons in just a few days, and yes, we just made that one up).

Idaho's Unspoken Season Is Here

But among all those seasons, many of us forget about the unsung season that comes this time of year to neighborhoods all across Idaho: Yard Sale Season. This isn't a season from Mother Nature, but it is based on the season we get from Mother Nature. Yard Sale Season comes around when the weather is just good enough for people to get outside and clean their garage clutter, but not so nice that they actually leave their yards to enjoy the weather.

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Yard Sale Season Is Here In Idaho

'Yard Yard Sale Season' usually starts a few weeks before 'The Pollinating' and it's a great way to declutter your house and take home another person's trash as your own treasure. If you do hold a yard sale, remember that the City of Twin Falls has rules about where you place your yard sale signs.

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Twin Falls Sign Ordinance

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