I love this so much. If you've ever had the joy of being near an out-of-town person when they first see someone jump off the Perrine Bridge, you know that's a treat. It gets even better if it's someone from the South.

Jimmy Smith was driving over the Perrine Bridge recently when he noticed that BASE jumpers were about to do their thing. So, he pulled over and recorded this video. Jimmy starts with the following alert:

OK, here in Twin Falls, Idaho, we have some BASE jumpers that are about to jump off the BRIDGE. So, I thought I'd pull over and catch this on video for everybody.

At about the :45 second mark, Jimmy decides to point out the BASE jumper with a giant finger...

Jimmy Smith via YouTube

Then, Jimmy witnesses the first jumper...

There he went! Oh my God, no...pretty cool, huh?

Here he goes, he's fixin to jump off now...

We see this every day, so it's easy to forget what it's like to be awed by by someone jumping off of a perfectly good bridge.

We hope Jimmy enjoyed his time in Twin Falls. Without non-locals like him, it's easy to forget how special this is.