Idaho is synonymous with potatoes. Most people have no idea that Idaho is beautiful and full of technology and regular people. Nope. To some Idaho is only potato farmland. So, to not be dubbed king of all potatoes should make us feel a little upset. But don't be, since the one potato category we don't win is the 'Couch Potato' category.

If Idaho Isn't King of Potatoes, Who is?

In the recent study from Zippia, the surprising results put Wyoming in first place when it comes to couch potatoes and the ease of living the sedentary lifestyle of TV watching. Delaware, Maryland, North Dakota, and Colorado round out the top five.

How Did They Get Their Couch Potato Results?

The team at Zippia used some interesting stats from Google to determine the best states for couch potatoes. They based their ranking on house size, internet quality (you know Idaho did poor in this one), money spent on bedding to be comfy on the couch, and of course the actual time spent watching TV in each house.

If Idaho Isn't #1, Where Did We Rank?

Sure, Idaho isn't top tier on the couch potato scoreboard but we did rank a reasonable 16th place. Here's how Idaho ranked in each category:

  • Time Spent Watching TV: we watch 2:56:41 of TV every day in Idaho.
  • Internet Speed: 88% of homes have access to fast internet.
  • House Size: average house size is 1,932 square feet.
  • Money Spent on Bedding: $345 in spent each year on bedding and furniture.
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