Idaho is an interesting state because cities are spread out, many with dozens of miles between them and the next. Cities range in size from giant to tiny and populations span over 200,000 to barely over 200. The smallest city in Idaho, according to the City-Data website, is Peck and boasts a population of only 201. The largest city in Idaho is no surprise with Boise being the state capitol and a rapidly growing population estimated at 217,000. But, just because Boise is the biggest city doesn't mean it is the richest. It isn't even actually close to being the richest city in Idaho.

That honor goes to Hill City to the southwest of Fairfield. The population in that zip code of 83337 is only 28 yet the median household income is over $244,000. That's according to a list posted by, where they ranked the richest zip codes in each state. So, even though Hill City isn't actually a city it is a community with high income. Looking at just cities, the zip code 83283 is the city with the highest median income. That city is Grace, Idaho. With a population just under 1,000 and a median income of $89,000. See the other zip codes that made the richest list at No cities in the Magic Valley made it on the richest zip code list. Twin Falls has a median income of $49,900. I would have expected Sun Valley to be pretty high on the list of rich zip codes but even their median income is well under Grace at $64,000.

You can check all the cities you want in Idaho at the City-Data website.

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