Now that we have had a few weeks to get over the crazy year that 2016 was, we can recap the top stories of the year that was full of highs, lows, and some hilarious stories.

Her are the top 10 viewed stories from our site last year.


Not all stories give us happy information or even information that we are looking for. The death of a former KOOL DJ last year was a big surprise and the 10th most viewed story of last year.

Oh, Utah. You may not have approved these license plates - but we definitely do!

This is the first of a few of the most viewed stories from last year that weren't even written last year. This one is from 2011 and proves that the year doesn't matter when it comes to taking your dogs with you around town.

This one was written to help people find 4th of July activities around the Magic Valley in 2015...hopefully the hundreds of viewers that found this page also found the info for 2016.

Here's another one from 2011 about great places to go on date night in Twin Falls. This story is actually so old that a few of the suggestions aren't even in business anymore.

This was an interesting story that kind of shows that we like bad news more than good news. The same week that we posted this story about the dangerous neighborhoods we also posted about the safest neighborhoods. As you'll see - the safe neighborhoods didn't make this list.

Another extremely sad story from last year that we wish we wouldn't have had to write. The death of a 78 year old man who was hit by a car. The car drove away and the police asked for help from the community in catching them.

Weird weather isn't new to Idaho but the self rolling snowman bodies was pretty cool.

This was the first of a series of picture blogs that featured some of the worst parking attempts we caught on camera in Twin Falls. People couldn't get enough of these and listeners began sending in their own catches. So, we made a video with additional pictures.

The most viewed story from last year on KOOL was extremely Idaho. It featured a picture of a dude in a tank top driving a tractor through the Dutch Bros drive-thru line.

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