Just when you don't think it can get worse with tourons in America's National Parks, they go and prove us wrong. When a touron took a chicken into Yellowstone National Park to cook it in a geyser, we thought 'that has to be the dumbest thing ever.' Then we see videos of people trying to pet the bison, and that is definitely more dumb. The people who crowd around the bears in National Parks are next-level stupid. But the latest video found proves that there is a new, previously unknown level of idiocy and lack of responsibility.

National Park Tourist Let Dog Off Leash Near Bison

In this video you catch the stupidity in action. Tourists had let their dog off its leash and it had charged at a bison. It appears in the video that neither the dog nor the bison were hurt during the incident, which is a miracle. You can see the dog has a harness on and if that had gotten caught on something, the bison would have had a free target to hit.

The National Parks of America have rules for pets and one of those rules is that they must be kept on a leash, in a crate, or in a car at all times.

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The above video is from Matty Deehan on Instagram, and you really should check out his page because it is loaded with other cool wildlife videos from National Parks.

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