This may come as a surprise to you but Donald Trump has been a pretty polarizing president. I know, surprising right? I haven't lived through a presidency that I remember paying attention to as much as the current leader. There isn't a day where I scroll through Facebook and a pro-Trump and anti-Trump post isn't waiting for me. Actually, it isn't just Trump. Between Pelosi, Warren, Cortez (or as the cool kids call her AOC), or someone from the ever rotating staff of Trump there is no shortage of fodder for roasting and people stoking the fires.

But the political opinion expressing isn't only for Facebook walls. One very strong supporter of the Trump wall has built a MAGA float to drive around his town!

What would you think if you saw this float driving around town or if it was part of an actual parade? Is this guy going too far, insensitive, or is it a perfectly fine way to express your view?

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