Every once in a while amid the doom and gloom, internet trolls, and bad days you come across a story of good that brings sunshine to the blackness. I came across one of those stories today where someone did something good because it was the nice thing to do. I know these things happen more often than we recognize and that's why it's important to shed light on them when we do hear about the kind acts. Like the heroes who offered help during the Snowpocalypse and those who stepped up during the pandemic, there are people doing good things every day around us.

The latest good act that restores faith in humanity in Twin Falls comes from Colter Heck, of Heck Roofing, seeing a need and stepping up.

What Is The Twin Falls Help Your Neighbor Campaign?

I saw this story on Facebook in a few groups, one of which is a great initiative called 'Twin Falls Help Your Neighbor Campaign' where members can go and ask for help and offer help as they are able. The sole purpose of the group is to do good to your neighbors when you can.

In that group an elderly lady was found to be in need of a new roof and unable to pay for the work. Colter Heck saw the opportunity to help a neighbor with a service he was able to provide. According to a post, he did the work for 'nearly nothing':

Be The Good. Be The Light. Be A Hero.

Not all of us can go and put a roof on a strangers house. Some of us can barely keep our own roof over our heads. It isn't easy to ask for help and it isn't always easy to give help. Just remember to be kind and you'll make someone's day better, and it may be your day you make better too.

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