The Twin Falls School District is asking for help from parents to determine what will happen when classes start again in the Fall. The school district has formed a Health Education and Learning Task Force to develop a plan to safely open schools in the fall or to have a back-up plan if that isn't possible. To know how parents, students, and staff feel about the upcoming school year the task force has released a survey for everyone to fill out.

In the survey parents are asked to share what safety measures they would like to see at the schools to feel safe bringing their children back to classes. Parents can express concerns, ideas, and opinions in the survey to give the task force a full understanding of parents' expectations for allowing their kids to return to school classrooms.

The survey is short and asks questions about whether these types of precautions will help you feel comfortable sending your kid to school: disinfecting of schools, required wearing of masks, smaller class sizes, not having class at the school every day, and having classes only online. You can fill out a survey for each child you have if you feel older kids deserve more freedom or any age group should be treated differently.

School staff members can also take the survey and voice their concerns and safety ideas.

The task force and school district understand that there are a lot of uncertainties right now since we don't know what the next few months will bring. The survey will help them at least get started on making plans for keeping kids education moving forward in the safest way possible. The survey will only be available until Tuesday June 16th, 2020.

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