The decision to change middle and high school Monday schedule has been confirmed for the month of October. Starting October 5th, middle and high school will have online classes on Mondays.

The Twin Falls School District made the announcement that in order for teachers to have a bit more time to prepare for the week, since they are doing both online and in person classes, they need more time to get the prep work done, and so Monday will be their designated day to get the rest of the week in order.

This will only go into effect for middle and high school students. Elementary schools will keep their normal schedule for Monday. It will also only be for October for now. In October the school district will discuss further changes for the rest of the school year.

COVID 19 has caused some pretty serious changes in how students learn. I can imagine how hard it must be for parents to keep their kids on track and it must be incredibly difficult for students to stay on track. Kids need schedules and consistency. What a strange year we have. Hopefully things will change soon.

The Twin Falls School District is also still at the yellow protocol level so things aren't getting worse. There have been a few cases of COVID in some of the schools but they are doing everything they can to prevent the spread to others.

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