If the opening and closing of the Twin Falls Splash Pad at the Sunway Soccer Complex were a roller coaster, this would be fun. Instead, it’s sad.

The City of Twin Falls just made a new announcement that the splash pad by the First Federal Park will be closed again until further notice for maintenance. The message was made as an update to the original announcement from June 2nd when it was announced that the splash pad would not open for the summer season until the ground could be fixed. The original ground repair was finished less than a week ago and is already beginning to fail again. The water features are closed so the ground can be repaired once more.

The city is working diligently to fix the play area.

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I took my family to the splash pad on the 4th of July and didn’t see any problem with the ground, but that was the first day of it being open. Apparently, since then, something happened. What I did notice on the 4th was that the water pressure for the splash pad fountains and features was extremely low. The water coming from the arches was a trickle and the spray guns only shot out a few feet. Some of the features like the dump buckets and the rain mushroom weren’t even working.

As a reminder, when the splash pad does reopen, no animals are allowed in the splash pad area. We saw a few dogs in the area while we were there and there is a sign clearly stating that they aren’t allowed even near the splash pad. The sign also tells you not to drink the water or go to the bathroom in the area.

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