The weather has been heating up, which means more animals are outside. Sometimes, that also means they can escape and go on their own adventures.

Lucky for us at Townsquare Media, we had a guest stop by that did exactly that. A pig was on the loose, but it was friendly! I have to admit, the feeling of a pig licking my toes or nibbling on my kneecap was weird, but we were all very grateful the pig was a lot nicer than some other stray animals are.

If you ever find a stray dog, pig, chicken, or perhaps cat, you can always contact your local animal control to have them come pick the animal up and take care of it until the owner is available.

If you live in Twin Falls, you can contact Twin Falls Animal Control at 208-735-4357. If you live in Twin Falls County, or can't reach your city's animal control, you can contact Twin Falls County Animal Control at 208-735-1911. Otherwise, try calling the local police department's non-emergency number. They'll be able to help set you up with someone who can help you.

As for Townsquare Media's pig friend, she was returned home and reunited with her other four-legged friends.

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