I just sent out a message to my coworkers that I was going to write about snow and I immediately got mixed responses. Snow is like a political party: you either love or hate it and it will always get people talking and sharing their opinions about it. I am on the 'love it' snow train. I do love a nice sunny day at the beach but I also love a chilly snow-filled day. Yes, it is OK to like more than one season and I'm actually also enjoying the fall weather and trees changing colors.

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Love it or hate it, winter will be here and it is almost guaranteed that we'll get snow before the new season arrives. We've had snow in the forecast by this date in previous years and the snow sticks around sometimes into June in Idaho. Sometimes the snow is insane and remembered for years, like the Snowpocalypse of 2017. There's no way to be sure if we'll get another snowfall like that but the Farmer's Almanac is calling for an extra snowy winter for Idaho. When will that snow start falling? Based on information from the Weather Channel and Weather Spark we can expect a first snowfall around November 19th. That's an average date since Boise has had snow as early as October 10th.

Weather Spark shows in one of their infographics that there is a small chance of snowfall in the final week of October here in Twin Falls, but the average date is still around mid-November for our first snow.

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