When it comes to summer vacations in my house, we have three must visit places every year. I have to go camping in Pine for a few days and when I only have a weekend we always head out to the Hayspur Fish Hatchery. The other place I require for my summer adventures is a trip to California and some long hours on the beach. I'm not one who loves or desires to travel to another country or drive long hours to see monuments and tourist attractions. Maybe since I like to stay close I didn't know this was a thing or necessary, but there is a company called Insure My Trip and their name pretty well explains what they do.

They gathered information from their business to find out where people are planning to visit and put together a list of the top destinations from each state for summer vacations. They sent me an email with the details and it turns out that most Idahoans are like me. We just want to keep it easy and stay in the United States. They didn't specify which states we are planning to visit just that we want to stay in the United States. After that, the most planned destinations are The United Kingdom, Canada, Italy, and then Alaska.

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