Spring has been mocking us for a few weeks now with the rollercoaster ride of weather conditions and temperatures. You have no doubt been tricked by a warm and sunny weekend that the cold weather was over. Nope. This is Idaho and we’re experiencing third winter and about to hit the pollenating season.

Credit N8 Bird
Credit N8 Bird

Around this time of the year in Twin Falls, pretty much every house has something they need to do that they have been putting off for months. I’m not talking about taking down your Christmas lights, those can stay up. I’m talking about a disgusting task that no one ever wants to do, and it’s especially important in early spring.

The Disgusting Thing Every Idahoan Does When It Gets Warm

In my house, we call it poop patrol. Other houses might call it landmine removal, doo-doo duty, or something less creative like ‘clean up a whole winter’s worth of dog poop from the yard’. You know what I’m talking about and it’s disgusting. The job is so gross, even when it isn’t pounds of poop after winter, that companies are built around doing the dirty job. I have kids, so I’m good until they move out.

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Does everyone do their own winter poop cleanup in their yards? I did a search online for companies that do dog poo cleanup and only found two, Steppin’ N It and Macks. I thought there would be more.

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