I don't thinks tourists are ever really prepared for their first visit to Idaho. There are a lot of stereotypes about Idahoans and our land that don't hold true in real life. Yes, there are potatoes, ranchers, and cows, but that isn't what you are going to see in most of Idaho. Instead you'll see normal everyday people and businesses you'd see in any other state. You'll also see the most beautiful scenery possible.

That's what a new YouTube video aims to show tourists. That if you visit Idaho, prepare to be shocked. YouTuber Wolters World travels all around the country and posts videos of his expectations and experiences. He came up with ten culture shocks tourists will have when they visit:

  1. Not potatoes everywhere.
  2. Potatoes ARE a big deal.
  3. Huckleberries are a state secret.
  4. The state is gorgeous.
  5. The weather is all over the place.
  6. There is no 'Z' in Boise.
  7. Idaho is not a flat state.
  8. Gas stations are more than just a place to fill-up your car.
  9. Idaho is a very safe feeling state...except for the bears. Those will make you feel unsafe.
  10. Fry sauce and finger steaks are a must-try food and condiment.

He's not wrong on most counts there. He also gives a bonus culture shock to expect - the night sky viewing is amazing. Head to the hills or Craters of the Moon for the best views. You may even see a UFO since we have plenty of those sightings around the state.

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