As crews continue to clean up the invasion of destructive Quagga Mussels in the Snake River near Twin Falls, they have had to get creative in how they access the waterways. The Snake River between Shoshone Falls and Niagara Springs has been closed to the public along with many other waterways in Southern Idaho.

It isn’t uncommon to see kayaks and paddleboards in the water under the Shoshone Falls, but getting a boat there is a much more difficult task. But that’s what the Idaho Department of Agriculture needed to do and they found a creative way to make it happen.

Helicopter Used to Get Boats in the Water Near Shoshone Falls

The video posted by the Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Office looks like it could be part of a movie scene. You get to see the helicopter lift off and then lift up a boat, attached by straps, so they could carry it to the water under Shoshone Falls. Then, they did it again. 2 boats were placed in the water near the island at the base of the falls where 2 people can be seen waiting for the boats. You can see the amazing video on Facebook or here:

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It’s a good thing they remembered to remove the straps connecting the boats to their trailers. We’ve seen that happen before with people at local docks.

Sections of Waterways Near Twin Falls Closed for Quagga Mussel Cleanup

You can check our previous stories for information on which locations are closed to watercraft and fishing and when the locations are expected to reopen.

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