Over the last few years, kayaking has become one of my favorite ways to get outside on a nice day. There are so many great places around us in Southern Idaho and the entire state of Idaho if you want to do some traveling. I've taken my kayaks to pretty much every location I want to so far, with the exception of two places: I've never been to the Blue Heart Springs and I have yet to kayak all the way to the Shoshone Falls.

How Do You Kayak To The Shoshone Falls?

Since I've never been, I have to take the knowledge of those who have gone before me and made the journey to the base of the Shoshone Falls in a kayak. Based on those suggestions there are three ways to get your kayak to the majestic Shoshone Falls.

The easiest way to get there (other than having someone paddle for you) is to rent a boat that takes you all the way to Pillar Falls. From there you just need to kayak the two miles to the Shoshone Falls. This way cuts out the long journey you'd normally have to paddle from Centennial Park to Pillar Falls. This option costs you money by renting a boat but it will save you a lot of time paddling.

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That brings us to the most common way to get to the Shoshone Falls by kayak, and that is to straight up kayak the whole way from Centennial Park. You'll have to set aside a few hours since you have to kayak to Pillar Falls and then carry your kayak up and over the rocks so you can get back in the river and continue your journey to the falls. I've made it to Pillar Falls a number of times, but by then we are usually either tired or out of time and have to turn back.

The third option of getting your kayak to Shoshone Falls involves a bit of muscle and hiking. You can actually carry your kayak down into the canyon from above Pillar Falls and then kayak as you would have using the other two options mentioned. Though carrying a kayak into the canyon sounds like a lot of work, it would save you from having to rent a boat to get you to Pillar Falls if kayaking there isn't an option for you.

How Do You Rent A Boat To Pillar Falls In Twin Falls, Idaho?

If you don't own a boat or have a friend willing to ferry you to the base of Pillar Falls, you can book a guided tour from AWOL Adventure Sports. On their website, the tour costs $80 per kayak and takes about four hours from start to finish. The boat tour to Pillar Falls is $45 for adults.

How Can You Carry A Kayak Into The Snake River Canyon Near Pillar Falls?

If you are feeling adventurous and strong, you can carry your kayak into the canyon near Pillar Falls. You'll need to park your vehicle on the canyon rim and carefully hike into the canyon. The All Trails website has the map to hike and it seems like way too much work for me to try and the hike is rated as difficult even if you aren't carrying a kayak.

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