On what could be one of the final weekends of nice weather in Southern Idaho, this could be the best announcement possible. The Shoshone Falls Park is back open after the area was closed for the Quagga Mussel treatment.

The park is open at the Shoshone Falls but the water access to the water above the falls and the water at Centennial Park to the Twin Falls Power Plant Park remains closed.

The City of Twin Falls made the exciting announcement on Friday afternoon in a press release and Twin Falls Parks and Rec announced the news on Social Media:

On Thursday, Oct. 19, ISDA reopened the Snake River west of Twin Falls, from Niagra Springs to the partial bridge at the bottom of Yingst Grade (also known as the “Old Interstate Bridge”). However, the section of Snake River between the Old Interstate Bridge and the Twin Falls Power Plant remains closed — this includes Shoshone Falls Park and Centennial Park.

The reopening of the park is exciting because it gives us hope that there is progress being made in the eradication of the Quagga Mussels, but the downside to the park opening now is that the Shoshone Falls aren’t very exciting to look at. A few days ago there was virtually no water coming over the rocks but it looks like they may be opening the falls a bit as a recent check of the live video feed shows some water coming over now.

Is It Illegal To Go In The Closed Waterways?

The public being asked to stay out of the water between Centennial Park and the Twin Falls Power Plant is more than just a request. It’s a mandate and violation of it (Idaho Code IDAPA 02.06.09) could result in fines.

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For updates on the waterway closures, check the Idaho website on Quagga Mussels.

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