As government agencies work to control the spread of the invasive Quagga Mussels in the Snake River near Twin Falls, there has been a beautiful side-effect in the water. It isn’t that nature looks better without all the boats and kayaks, though maybe it does, but the treatment to kill the mussel larvae did something amazing to the water.

The Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Office posted pictures of the water as the mitigation treatment was introduced to the Snake River. The treatment turned the water a brilliant blue for a short time as you can see in the social media post.

The color change wasn’t permanent as shown in the before and after picture of the Shoshone Falls below.

Credit Twin Falls/Twin Falls Sheriff
Credit Twin Falls/Twin Falls Sheriff

Shoshone Falls is Beautiful Right Now. Too Bad You Can't See It.

There are a variety of treatments to kill Quagga Mussels. Copper is known to cause water to turn blue and could be a main cause of the water change during the recent treatment. The water is now back to its normal color at Shoshone Falls and you are allowed to go see the waterfall in person above the park area, but you can’t go down to the overlooks or parking area of Shoshone Falls. Certain areas around Twin Falls will be closed for undetermined lengths of time.

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You can also check out the live video feed of the Shoshone Falls anytime on your phone or computer.

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