The effort to contain the invasive outbreak of Quagga Mussels in the Snake River Canyon around Centennial Park has meant a variety of changing closures and restrictions. The long stretch of the Snake River between the Twin Falls Power Plant Park and Niagara Springs remains closed along with many other waterways in and around Twin Falls.

The Idaho State Department of Agriculture along with the City of Twin Falls has now announced that the entire park area around the Shoshone Falls will be closed for an undetermined amount of time. Visitors will not be allowed in the area as the ISDA will be using the park as a staging area for workers. Access will be open into the canyon and to Dierkes Lake Park and the surrounding trails but water access and fishing remain prohibited.

During the closure, Shoshone Falls Grade at the intersection to Dierkes Lake Park will be closed to all vehicles, cycling, and pedestrian traffic. Trails in Shoshone Falls Park will also be closed. Dierkes Lake Park and its trails will remain open to the public, but water access is prohibited in the lake.

The city will update the public as more information becomes available on closures and the Quagga Mussel invasion. Information can also be found on the Idaho government website.

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Additionally, the Centennial Park closure has been exended until October 20th:

If you have had a boat, kayak, paddleboard, or any other watercraft in the Snake River in the last 30 days or any type of fishing equipment you should take it to one of the 2 available hot wash locations in Twin Falls for proper cleaning.

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