If social media has proved anything it is that you are going to be hard pressed to get a bad picture of the Perrine Bridge and Snake River Canyon. Really, you have to be trying to take a bad picture to get one. That's why it is such a great tourist attraction: it looks awesome no matter the season, day, or time.

But there really are times when the Perrine Bridge and Snake River look extra magical, and that happened just a few days ago. Kim Critchfield got a picture that is just amazing and captures all the beauty, size, and uniqueness of the area.

That mist coming into the canyon just under the bridge looks like a dream! Other photographers, like Todd Craig at Idaho Adventure Photography, get creative with their canyon pictures.

Even those with less camera skill got some nice shots of the Perrine Bridge this month, and some new drone video too.

We definitely have a treasure with the Perrine Bridge and Snake River!

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