I know it sounds a little dramatic - like the tag line to a movie, but Facebook tried to mess with your emotions - but only proved that we can't be controlled! What they did is back in 2012 they monitored the feeds and posts of around 700,000 people and to half of them only showed positive posts from their friends and to the other half they only showed the negative posts and stories. Remember - they did this in secret. They wanted to see if the positive group would become more positive and the negative group would become bitter and crabby like the posts they were seeing.

The results? Nada. The stories they were shown didn't have any effect on them. It didn't make what they wrote on their walls any happier or sadder.

Why? Because we are stronger than what we see on the internet. We are smart enough to know that social media is 'social' but it is also only 'media' and not true real life interaction - you know, like actually talking to people in person.

Because we know that in real life a Debbie Downer or a Positive Pauly can change the mood of an entire room in no time flat.

How do you feel about the way Facebook is using its 'power'?