If you don't like fancy things that you will never be able to afford, you aren't going to like this post. If you like to live in a fantasy world where looking at expensive things somehow makes you feel better inside, then you'll love this post. Either way, the pictures of Idaho's most expensive AirBnB available in February, are pretty impressive and focus less on the house and more on what you can do around the property. Let's get right to them:

Idaho's Most Expensive AirBnB Lodge

This 'Ultimate Lodge' in the Sawtooth Mountains is available for $2,500 - per night. That is a mighty rental price tag. To rent the lodge, located in Elmore County, for a full week would end up costing $18,867. That's the rental price plus almost $4,000 in service fees. Looks like I'll just keep enjoying the pictures from afar.

I does seem that the lodge is often used for family reunions and wedding events, based on the pictures, which would make more sense for the price tag. It's cool too that it has history as being previously owned by Herman Coors of the Coors brewing family.

There is another cabin you can rent for the same price that I believe is much more fancy, but it isn't available until April so I'll write about it then.

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