Not that you were going to eat people, but if you were planning on it. Don't do it in Idaho.

You may be curious...but don't ask how/why I came across this information. I know it may sound weird, but Idaho actually has a law against cannibalism. In fact, Idaho is the only state that has express laws for or against it! But, maybe the weirdest thought is that they made this law here for a reason. Did someone at some point think it was OK or did someone bring it up at a city counsel meeting as a possible future option for a restaurant idea?

It is actually more sinister than that. According to an article from 2011 in the Journal of Law and Social Deviance and compiled on Weird Universe, the law came about due to fear that some religious practices might encourage the eating of children.

Cannibalism in Idaho under Idaho Statutes, Title 18, Chapter 50 - Mayhem, carries a maximum sentence of up to 14 years in prison - but really, don't go all Donner Party on your friends and family. That's just not nice.


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