If you own a camp trailer and it just sits in your yard most of the year, you may be missing out on an unexpected income opportunity. This seems to be a pretty new addition to the options on Airbnb, but I don't think this is fully to be blamed on the COVID-19 pandemic or the financial strains some families are feeling. Some people just like  money and are now realizing that this is a way to cash in on a need in Idaho right now. People need places to stay either long term or for small vacations. I've thought about doing this with our camp trailer for a while now, but it always seemed weird to have strangers spend the night on our property in our camper.

What Kind Of Camp Trailers Are Listed On Idaho Airbnb?

I just checked on Airbnb for Southern Idaho and there are a few people who are renting out their family vacation vehicles. The three that popped up first are actually pretty nice and new looking. They are listed as 'Brand-New Camper Near Canyon Rim', 'Idahome Glamper', and 'Backyard RV'. They all look to be newer campers in good condition.

RV Campers on Twin Falls Air BnB

Two of the RV campers listed here in Southern Idaho stay on the property of the owners, but one of them is a full motorhome that you can rent and take on an adventure out of town.

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