The CSI Rodeo happened a few weeks ago, but Saturday a remnant of rodeo action happened in a Twin Falls neighborhood. A huge Longhorn steer got loose and ran through the streets and visited popular local tourist attractions.

Longhorn Steer Runs Free in Twin Falls Over the Weekend

The steer was being loaded into a trailer on Saturday when it got loose. According to KMVT, the Longhorn was being loaded for a potential sale. The beast ran through the streets and neighborhoods around Cedar Park Circle, just north of Addison Ave and east of Eastland. It reportedly made it all the way up to the Evel Knievel Jump Site and then back down near the original neighborhood where he escaped. The Longhorn was then captured south of Addison Ave at Thomsen Park almost 5 hours after escaping.

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Large animals running through the streets of Twin Falls aren’t uncommon. Moose and deer have been reported in neighborhoods.

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We don’t know the exact route the Longhorn took on its adventure, but from Cedar Park Circle to the Evel Knievel Jump site and back is a 6-mile trip. It did go through some fences which might have made the total distance shorter. No other major damage to residential property was reported. The capture was assisted by men on horses and the Twin Falls Police Department.

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