The Lagoon Amusement Park in Utah is currently closed for winter, but exciting things are still happening.

New Photo of Epic Primordial Coaster at Lagoon in Utah

In November, Lagoon made the long-awaited announcement that the new roller coaster will be called Primordial, as had been speculated for years. They even released a video to hype the new ride. But even with all of that new info, we still don’t really know much about the ride. Many people still haven’t even seen the exterior of the ride and no one knows what is inside the man-made mountain or what the ride will actually be like.

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When I visited Lagoon last year, the mountain was built but only the beginning climb of the roller coaster track had been built. In the newest picture from Lagoon, you can see that there has been a lot of progress as they work towards the opening date set for this year.

The ride covered in snow with the Wasatch Mountains towering in the background is a perfect fit. The ride looks like it belongs there. In the picture, we can also finally see that the exterior part of the ride does a tall climb and then drops into a figure 8 run before entering the mountain. It doesn’t look like any other part of the ride happens outdoors.

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As far as what goes on inside, there are loads of ideas online. One YouTube channel dedicated to roller coasters seems to think it will be similar to the Wonder Mountain Guardian coaster in Canada. Lagoon has confirmed that the ride will be interactive and Guardian utilizes large screens for the interactive shooting portion of the ride.

If you really want to delve into the interior of Primordial, you can check out this video of the beginning stages of construction back in 2020. You can see inside the mountain and guess where the screens will be and where the track will run. In one part of the video, you can actually see a section of the interior track. Look for that to show up about 3 minutes into the video.

Construction Progress on New Lagoon Roller Coaster

The newest roller coaster at Lagoon has been under construction since 2018 and because of the delays, fans have had years to speculate. Check out the current status of the ride.

New Construction At Roaring Springs

The new construction at Roaring Springs will come in 7 phases, with the first phase to be finished in 2023. The new phases will add more waterslides, water attractions, food options, parking, and cabanas.

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