At this point, we will take any information we can get about the Primordial roller coaster at Lagoon. We’ve been strung along for 7 years now about what it will look like, when it will open, and even the name was a big topic of discussion. But Lagoon has been relatively mum about anything since early this year so we’ve been forced to scroll through comments on their Facebook to glean new information. And I think we got something big today.

It's Looking Like Reservations will be Required to Ride Primordial this Year

The Lagoon Amusement Park didn’t send out a press release regarding this announcement but instead found a reference to a story shared by KSL down in Utah. In that story, KSL spoke with the Lagoon spokesperson who would not disclose a date for the ride opening. They did reportedly say that the opening day is ‘very, very close.’

Credit FB Screenshot
Credit FB Screenshot

They also shared that season pass holders might learn about the opening date before the rest of the world and to keep an eye on their emails for that information. But the real big information is a line in the KSL story and referenced in a Facebook comment that Lagoon plans to open an online reservation system that will launch once the Primordial opening date gets announced. It isn't clear if the reservations will be required forever or just as the ride is new and lines will need to be controlled.

Getting an email from Lagoon about the opening of the new roller coaster is a nice perk of being a season pass holder, but based on social media comments, that’s not what season pass holders want. They want the ride to open since many of them bought the season pass based on hopes that they’d be able to ride the highly anticipated Primordial roller coaster this summer…which obviously hasn’t happened and has some season pass holders feeling like they were tricked by Lagoon.

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How Can You Be One Of The First To Ride Primordial?

If you really want to be one of the first to ride Primordial, there may be a trick to it other than getting an online reservation. Lagoon stated that their employees are currently riding Primordial as part of the final testing stages. Lagoon is also hiring right now for Frightmares workers. I’m not saying this will work, but if employees are getting to ride Primordial and you get hired for Frightmares and you get to ride it this year, make sure to tell us thanks for the idea.

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