The internet is a weird place and I love it. 20 years ago I'm sure there were weird people doing odd things but it wasn't as readily available as now. With most phones you can record something and with just one or two taps on the screen post it for the world to enjoy. If your video or idea is weird enough then others will try to duplicate it and all of the sudden you have a viral video or internet phenomenon. Planking, Ice Bucket Challenge, and The Shoe are examples of the internet doing what it does best and spreading craziness like a wildfire. Luckily shaving cream isn't flammable because the next weirdly hot internet fad involves shaving cream and everyone's least favorite shoes, Crocs.

The dumb idea is simple and oddly satisfying and Buzzfeed has a great gallery of videos. Put shaving cream in your Crocs and then insert your foot and watch the magic happen. Seriously, that's it and it is is awesome! And the internet is full of great video examples of the fad.

While we are on the weird internet videos. You have to check out two of my go-to hilariously odd videos. The Tight Pants Body Rolls and Shia Labeouf are internet gold.

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