If you live in Twin Falls or the Magic Valley in Southern Idaho, you know that the Shoshone Falls can be amazing. You also know that they can be extremely disappointing. It all depends on when you go to see them.

Good news for locals and tourists, right now through June is usually the best time of the year to see the world famous waterfall.

Right Now is 100 Percent the Best Time to See the Shoshone Falls

Spring is the best time of the year to see the Shoshone Falls in Southern Idaho. Idaho Power shared that the flows are hitting their peak this year as the spring runoff and upstream reservoirs send massive amounts of water down the Snake River.

The flows over the 212-foot waterfall are estimated around 4,000 cubic feet per second (CFS) and that number could go up, but it will also drop significantly once the water gets diverted for irrigation. The flows should increase to around 10 to 12,000 CFS this spring but can go higher. The enhanced flows will also make boating and kayaking better downstream in the areas that are open.

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Here’s a comparison of what 4,000 CFS and 7,000 CFS looks like.

Go See the Shoshone Falls in Idaho Before they Get Turned Off

The main complaint you’ll hear from visitors to the Shoshone Falls is that there wasn’t water going over the edge. This happens every year, so you do have to go in the spring before the irrigation season begins. People have documented their disappointment in many videos when they went at the wrong time…along with their inability to pronounce Shoshone.

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