I just ran across what could be the greatest social challenge ever in a Time article. It is called the Trashtag Challenge and it actually has a point and serves a purpose. Unlike the dangerous 48 Hour challenge or Bird Box Challenge and the pointless (yet fun) Planking or 10 Year Challenge, the Trashtag Challenge gets people to clean up their communities. And there are plenty of places in Idaho that could use a little cleanup.

Anyone can do this challenge and you can do it anywhere. There are examples of people cleaning up a park, roadside, their neighborhood, or while vacationing. There are loads of pictures on Twitter and on Instagram. I didn't see any that were specific to Idaho but it could definitely be done here. And you could be the first!

The challenge rules are simple: take a picture of the location you plan to clean then once the area is cleaned take another picture and post them to your social media pages. What do you think about the Trashtag challenge and where in the Magic Valley could benefit from it the most?

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