For those who were dreaming of a white Christmas, your dreams did not come true unless you left the Magic Valley. We didn't stand a chance as at least one of the days leading up to Christmas the temperatures were close to 60 degrees. We've had some considerably colder days since then, but the snow still evades us. That should change soon as we head in to the new year as the majority of the days over the next two weeks have snow in the forecast according to the Weather Channel.

Twin Falls Weather Forecast credit Weather Channel
Twin Falls Weather Forecast credit Weather Channel

The 10 day forecast (which actually shows 14 days for some reason) shows a chance for snow on New Year's Eve morning but it doesn't seem like it will be enough to stick around long. The first two days of the new year will we cloudy and then we get our first real chance for snow this winter. The temperatures won't be bitter cold, but they will be good for snowfall as we have five days in a row with good chances of snowfall. Some of those days will be mixed with rain and snow, so depending on the temperatures we'll be stuck with slush, puddles, or iced roads.

Even if we don't get pummeled by a winter storm, you should be prepared for ice on your vehicle windows. Make sure you have a good ice scraper, not a Frisbee like I had to use a few weeks ago. If you don't make time to scrape your windows you could get busted driving dangerously and stuck with a $90 fine.

The round scraper doubles as a funnel if you run out of gas. This one kind of the same idea as me using a Frisbee as a scraper.

No gloves? No problem, this one has a built in mitten.

The classic short handled scraper is one most of us have had for years.

If you have a truck or SUV, you'll need the long handle with the brush.

This adjustable width blade scraper seems cool. I haven't tried it, but it claims to be better than the plastic scrapers as it uses an adjustable heavy silicone blade.

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