OK - hold the phone for just a minute. When I think of things that make people happy, I think - money, food, vacations, spa days, funny movies! I do not think of people going to the library. According to a new study though, getting a library card feels as good as a $2300 pay raise. The study also says that going to the library makes you happier than playing sports! Maybe it does because if you are at the library then you are not working out which makes a lot of people happier. But, that is where the study gets sketchy - did they interview people who were at the library and that is why they got these results?

I'm not going to rag on the library - at their used book sale recently people were very happy to be getting bags full of books for cheap. Clearly getting lost in a good book is nice and can seem like a vacation getaway - but better than $2300?!

Do you agree or does this survey belong on the fiction shelves?