I don't live a fancy life or run with the rich kids. I have never bought a brand new car and in a lot of cases, if I can buy something used for cheaper than new I'll do it. That's how I know I'll never, ever, spend a night in Idaho's most expensive luxury Airbnb rental. The monstrous rental property in Hailey, Idaho is the definition of 'not looking for the best deal'.

Most Expensive Luxury Airbnb In Idaho

The Eagle Lake Estate Airbnb in Hailey has room for twelve guests in five bedrooms, sharing six bathrooms. Each night the rental is $2,000 plus taxes and hospitality fees. The real kicker is you have to rent the chalet for a minimum of seven days. The grand total for your luxury stay would come to $18,085. Even if you split that between twelve people it would be more than $1,500 per person for the week, or $215 each night. That doesn't sound too crazy if you break it down, but it is still nearly $20k to stay in a cabin.

When we decided to buy a house in Twin Falls, we looked around for almost a year. We had our eye on a house that was way out of our price range, but the price kept going down over the course of a year. Once the price had dropped to near our goal we finally went to see it in person. It needed work (and still does) but was a solid house. We ended up buying that house and still live there. I've done all the renovation, remodel, and additions myself with the exception of installing a new AC and heating unit.

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What do you think, would Idaho's most expensive luxury Airbnb rental be worth the price? There is actually a rental more expensive on Airbnb, but it isn't listed as luxury and only has a three night minimum stay requirement, so Eagle Lake gets the title of most expensive.

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